3 Ways to Beginner’s Mind

3 Ways to Beginner’s Mind

Fox: ‘The Adventure Begins’, step out of the cave & into the World

New Moon, the Beginner’s Moon, is Rising Inside Me

New Moon is the time for new experiences and triggers Beginner’s Mind. Remember when you were a kid and you could do anything? I remember riding my bike with the wind in my face like a pro, running in a race and winning, and being awarded a watch in an art contest. Life was good, easy, and fun.  There was no doubt, no thinking, no struggle to make things happen. My body knew what to do, unburdened by the past or previous knowledge. I seemed to have an absolute, unconditional trust in myself. I would do my best and then I could do anything. I was uniquely me, unlike anyone else, and that was a good thing.

“In the Beginner’s Mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s Mind there are few.” Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki

Let’s get back to Beginner’s Mind with this wonderful New Moon in Sagittarius.

1. Start by declaring your heart’s desire. The word has the power. Say who and what you want to be as though you have already achieved it. ‘I Am A Writer’. ‘I Am An Artist’. Or even better, ‘I Am a Best Selling Author and Artist’. Every morning and every evening, say and write that ‘I Am A _________’, and before you know it, your dreamer self will become your true self.

2. Do your craft, your gift, in any way possible. Start painting, drawing, writing, running, in small increments, every day. Be like the kid who says ‘I have two legs, I can run’, ‘I have a hand, I can write or draw or paint’. Day by day, you’ll expand and all struggles will disappear as you assume your new creative life. Then Life becomes easy and fun.

3. Be ready and open to new opportunities. Try new directions and share your gift with the world. The more you put your art, your writing, your athletic attempts, out into the world, the more confident you become. I remember the first time I entered a judged art show. The crazy worry and tension I had sure wouldn’t help me get into the show. Enter everything! Don’t give too much weight to any one thing. After filling out several applications, the inner critic and doubter will settle down. Getting in became a baby step to actually making a living and selling the work. Go for the easy. If you don’t get in one, know there’s something better for you. JK Rowling submitted her first Harry Potter book 12 times to different publishing houses before she was finally picked up by Bloomsbury. Not everyone will spot your genius immediately.

Beginner’s Mind enables Creative Courage. Act freely in all you do, discovering and inventing your world moment to moment. Slow down, step away from habits, and see everything with the New Eyes of interest and curiosity. The Tiny Details are as good or even better than the Big Picture. Begin all projects with a mind free of assumptions and ready for surprising new things. Here are some more good Beginner’s Mind thoughts.

Dawn, Winter Sky
Winter in Chicago, seeing with new eyes

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