4 Steps to Be Master of your Life

4 Steps to Be Master of your Life

Ships docked at historical Stonington, Ct port

Being Master & Commander of Your Ship

Exploring the sailing port towns of southern Connecticut and Rhode Island, takes you back to an amazing time of hearty settlers, shipbuilders, and sailors. Homes and towns dating from the 17th and 18th Century still hold their historic magic over all.

I just kept thinking of the whalers, traders, and captains, who with their strong women, planted roots and pioneered these seafaring towns right on the Atlantic. They, like all our ancestors, successfully created foundations for future generations. They accomplished Big Things without our modern day distractions.

Then I came across 10 things most successful people do compiled by Tim Ferris and augmented by Eric Barker. Some of them I already do in my own way.

1. He says start the day with a plan, a ritual of what you want to do, to accomplish this day. I have to think that instead of techy media causing reactions first thing in the morning, the ancestors had goals for the day. I start my day with some deep breaths, and tell myself that everything I choose to do this day happens easily and effortlessly. These are My choices. It’s all on me. Plus, this gets mindfulness working. It helps me come from a place of conscious awareness. I ask myself, will this inspire or distract me?

2. He says be an ‘Overnight Tasker’. Write down a problem at night & wake up with the answer in the morning. I tell myself that in the morning, I’ll know just the right painting to do, or the right topic to blog about, or how best to get the work out there to the world. The subconscious Does work wonders while you sleep.

3. He says be able to think, endure, and wait. I turn that around a bit to Doing what I Know to do, letting the doubtful parts become clear as I go along. That’s how I don’t get stuck along the way. I keep moving in the flow of my energy, using intuition as a guide, accepting that each thing has it’s own time to be born. Patience does win in the end.

4. He says “Clear the path’, do more than just the job, a little more than just the usual, add value to yourself. I would call that share your knowledge, go a step further each day, spread your wings, learn something new, make someone’s day. Raise the bar for yourself and everyone around you to do more. Go above and beyond the call of duty.

He goes into detail with each of these and more, to really get you thinking. I especially like the 5 Chimps Theory and working with your Moral Compass. Interested?  Check it out.

So be the Master and Commander of your life. Start the day with a focus to accomplish Big Things this day! Work with your subconscious to find answers and inspiration. Keep in the Flow and take steps to achieve your heart’s desire. It will make all the difference in your world.

Imagine creating a life on the Sea each day. Misquamit Beach, Westerly, RI.
Dodson Boatyard

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