5 New Moon Rituals

5 New Moon Rituals

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 Rituals Rejuvenate, Empower, and Focus Your Desires.

New Moon Rituals can make 2018 the year of Creative and Enchanted Living. I’d like this year to be more energized, abundant, and inspired. Rituals give me ways to re-energize myself, while I get a focus and direction for the coming days. I want to feel warmth, kindness, and gratitude for all of life.

1. I Bring Nature home in some way. My e-frame continuously plays a slideshow of favorite photos: beaches, skies, and exotic travels. Flowers, music, fresh scents, seashells can take me there. I also capture beauty on my camera every day. Today the turkeys returned. Nature continuously enriches my life.

2. I light a gratitude candle for all those I’ve loved, and who have loved me. Especially remembering my brother Jim who left us 5 yrs ago today. I thank the Universe for all the goodness in my life. I also promise to be loyal to my art, creating the best that I can in quality and techniques. My art is my souls voice. The scented candle is Roland Pine, a soy candle that fills the air like a crisp, fresh pine forest. They sell incense too. Scents revitalize my entire body, and help me create the deep cleansing breath of life all through the day.

3. I read some fiction every day. Today it’s book 4 of the Outlander series, Drums of Autumn. The cast is filming this book now for Starz in the Fall. Each book, each episode, carries me away to time travelers, historical drama, and the most beautiful love story ever written. Reading before going to bed also encourages sleep and can be the healthiest thing to do for your body and mind. Here’s why fiction is good for you.

4. I physically declutter, clean out, and donate something! Declutter the space to declutter the mind. Clearing reduces stress; organizing creates more energy and time. I recycle holiday magazines and gather clothes for Good Will. Out with the old, room to breathe.

5. I’m eating only when hungry, and in mindfulness, so I don’t over-eat. I won’t eat any white carbs or sweets,¬† and instead stick to living food as much as possible. I remind myself that my body is flowing energy, renewing and healing itself all through the day.

So what Rituals can you create to live a more Enchanted Life? When would you do them? This is a time for gratitude, visualization, loving, and meditation. Create a sacred time and space to bring yourself back to who you really are. Try creating a new ritual each week or each month until you find what works for you. You are certainly worth it!

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