5 Ways to Heal a Wound

5 Ways to Heal a Wound

Southwest Artist Rick Bartow, 1946-2016

It seems everyone has an open wound to heal these days.

As I nurse a wound that needed a few stitches, it seems like such a metaphor for all the emotion filled world news being thrown at us daily. Like the flying debris in any of the wild tornadoes and storms, anger and dissension try to drown us in a swirling flood of muck. As the torrential rains rake the Earth of all facades and pretense, deep hurts, beliefs, and damages are revealed within our psyches. We almost need to mentally evacuate from the storms, and gain our balance. We are more than our beliefs, histories, and ancestors. They are just the shells we choose to wear, and it’s time to not take them so seriously. When we stop labeling ourselves and others, humanity can breathe life into us again.

Even in Santa Fe, a place filled with the most beautiful landscapes, skies, and traditions, I found a gulf between those who want progress to infuse contemporary new thinking into the city, versus those who desire the ways of 400 yrs ago. I’m sure a bridge could be built between the two, if everyone didn’t take it personally. A bit of give and take can go a long way from neat, but empty, expensive store fronts, and quaint ‘off the beaten path’ affordable adobes. Some galleries are gone, others have consolidated, all keep changing.

So much of the art is strong, mesmerizing, and original. I just discovered the above artist, Rick Bartow, only to be told he died last year. His work is powerful, and I can clearly see his influence on many new artists showing there today. I feel I’ve lost a mentor. I hope he had time to be recognized and enjoyed as a truly innovative creator in his time. This is the bottom line that brings us all back together, ‘Life is short, and if we take anything personally, it’s what we do with our time here’.

“I am joy. I am love. I am gratitude. I see, hear, feel, and know that the purpose of my life is to inspire and guide the transformation of humanity on and off the Earth.” Daily mantra of Peter Diamandis as told to Tim Ferris, pg 372, Tools of Titans.

Some takeaway thoughts:

  • Only take personally your own wound. Love it, care for it, heal it.

  • Be flexible in dealing with others and yourself. Labels are for produce, not human beings. If one thing doesn’t work, go onto another idea, and then another.

  • ‘There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world’, Author Unknown

  • Whether our lives are long or short doesn’t matter, only the Love given is the greatest measure. This we all have in common.

  • Laugh More! Smile! What makes you Smile? Be sure to Lighten Up! Turn the story into a funny one. Don’t take anything so seriously. That changes Everything!

    David Caricato, wood carver, Walks In Wisdom Mask
Brad Stroman, Wabi Sabi Artist, each item painted on, http://bradstroman.com/

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  1. Thanks Pat! This gives me a different perspective on the current situations in the world today. All my wounds are mine but those who are experiencing such pain and loss, today, have given me the opportunity to practice loving kindness! Your words have encouraged me to challenge myself with family! I CAN be and am a better person from knowing you and reading your wisdom. Again blessings and thanks Barbara

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