Alchemy, Magic, & Angels

Alchemy, Magic, & Angels

Goddess Of Alchemy, new painting, Magic beneath the visible

A single Dream is more powerful than a thousand realities. JRRTolkien

Alchemy is the act of transforming base materials into gold. Isn’t this what we do every day when we take all that we put into our bodies, from emotions to food, and transform it into our physical bodies? Every emotion, fear, love, anger, creates chemicals as our body always seeks to heal, protect, and care for us. Cells are regenerated, sloughed off, and transformed with every breath we take. The body seeks balance, seeks the gold of perfection, as we feed it so many things. Can we consciously treat it today with love, something organic and living, and tender loving care?

Magic happens with every act we Do. When we mindfully set out to create, walk, dance, move, paint, sing, interact, we generate energy, a chain reaction, that gets life moving. Apply that to the dreams of all that you hope to be, to become in the new year, and you enlist the energy, vitality, and movement of the Universe. Doors open, synchronicity happens, and magic is created in ways beyond your wildest dreams! Take the first step, flow in excited energy, see yourself in new, greatly expanded ways to change life as you know it.

Angels are always speaking. Every intuition, thought, focus, and imagination is speaking to you, through you, hoping to be engaged and made manifest. Listen deeply and bring in new, original, amazing realities. When you share your particular innovations with the world and connect to like minded creative thinkers, shifts happen that change everything. You may never know all the ripples you create when you step out into the world with your unique imaginings.

This is the time to create Alchemy, Magic, and Angels in your life. Right Now. In the next few minutes of time, do it. Take the steps away from the mundane and go for what excites your body, your senses, your creativity. This is the moment of power, and only you can create the shift. Make life fun and filled with excitement again.

The two days in which nothing can be done, are yesterday and tomorrow…

Angel, newer painting, The Gabriel
Alchemy Madonna, my newest digital art image..  Prints available of all 3 images at


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