Be The Storyteller of Your Life

Be The Storyteller of Your Life

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New Moon Of Thinking Bigger

I often start my journal each morning with some clarifying questions. I asked, ‘Great Spirit, what would you have me do today?’. This week I received loud and clear, ‘I Would Have You Think Bigger!’. I just had to laugh. I can spend so much time running around this computer getting things I thought I wanted, and then working at getting rid of them, that I waste the day on trivial things. So I’ve cleaned up my screen, my tabs, my focus, and opened my pages again to re-read the book I’m writing. I have notebooks going back years to My Book. Suddenly I received in email, some step by step videos to get that book written! There’s magic in the air on this crisp October New Moon Day.

Studies show that 81% of us have books we’d like to write. Our stories are unique, and can only be told in our particular voice. There is nothing  new under the Sun, except for our different perspectives, our way of thinking, and our experiences of life. No one can write a book, a blog, a short story, in exactly the same approach you would. It’s time to zero in on what each of us has to offer to the world. Your gift, your outlook, could encourage, inspire, and maybe even save someone. Be the storyteller of your life, share yourself, your heart, your vulnerable self, and enrich your personal adventure of a life well lived.

I started with a mind map: a central idea in a ‘circle’ with radiating circles of ideas flowing from it. I’m also working with how to write a compelling story. I like to read exciting, flowing works that lead me through the action, always wanting more. I also want it to be fun, since life to me is an amazing, jaw-dropping, unbelievable journey. Deepak Chopra says, “Every story is a love story”. So anything I write must come from the heart. What an exciting way to live! I just have to be mindful and not lose my focus…this time.

On this New Moon of magic, create some magic of your own, find your voice, and come out of hiding and into the fullness of your light. It will be a memorable experience for sure, fun, and maybe even life changing.

An interesting perspective on mindfulness, appreciation, and value is The Magic of Mindfulness. The Writer’s Workshop Online course can give you all the support and tools you need to grow as an Author & Writer. You can at least check out their Free Videos to learn more. Take the plunge to the next level.

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