Blood Moon of Silent Awareness

Blood Moon of Silent Awareness

Blood Moon- Silent Awareness, New Painting

I’m Mesmerized by the Moon! Working on Applying that Silent Awareness to my Life in Every Way

Silent Awareness, the unflinching focus, the not another thought enters my head at this moment experience is touching the Divine. It’s being connected to pure consciousness. This is so in the present, awesome, and mindful, I feel as though I’ve found a piece of my Real Self. The world has expanded.

This gave me a direction for my next painting. Then I couldn’t stop working on it until I felt it was just right. I was painting a feeling, that celestial moment when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon came together in perfection.

It certainly took me to a Timeless place of beauty and ancient wonder. It’s a magic place of endless possibilities, and choice. I felt expanded beyond my little self into a part of something grander, powerful, and connected. I could see why stone works, henges, and rock art consumed past civilizations. This amazing experience had to be recorded, planned for, and told in stories for all generations to come.

I felt an inner peace and calm, as I was part of the World audience, mesmerized in a unifying event. No borders or walls on the cosmic level. The little pettiness of narrow individuals gave way to something far bigger than any one country. This was a Universal Gathering of Souls in the experience of a lifetime. Blood Moon, Blue Moon, Full Moon, Wolf Moon all came together far beyond the tinkering of man. This is the place of giving and receiving kindness, love, and peace.

So Silent Awareness will be my mantra. I’ll seek this connection to my true inner self in all I do. It’s a wonderful place to visit, but even better to live in. This place is still, yet radiates energy, it was never born, but never dies, it is the Witness to all we do, yet it is unique to each of us. Enter the place of feeling, be the Watcher of all you do, see yourself ‘out there’ observing yourself go through life. It’s an interesting place to be.

Some more thoughts: journal daily, do Art, start the day in gratitude for having another day to do it right, practice random acts of kindness as often as possible, smile and laugh often. It’s all about the experience.

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