First Experiences Feed the Soul

First Experiences Feed the Soul

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How Best to Develop our Superpowers?

Humanity continues to evolve. There’s a young man in the world who can now see color with an antenna implant in the back of his head. It arches over with a fiber-optic sensor hovering above his eyes. With it, he can also sense ultraviolet and infrared spectrums, like a bee finding nectar. Genetically, mountain tribes have evolved to absorb more oxygen for survival. Desert dwellers have mutated to endure deep cold temps at night with roasting hot days of sun. Researchers are trying to give AI’s common sense. Artificial Intelligence, Cyborgs, Genetics, are changing ways to create a better Human. But Intelligence is complex.

What about Instinct, Predictability, and a deep Knowing when something feels right? I believe we all owe it to ourselves to develop these inner abilities in every way possible. Our bodies create templates filled with sensory memories, to predict possibilities and probabilities. Remember the excitement, the thrill, the whole body high of your first love, first good paying job you liked, or first plane ride? Instincts led you to these places. Powerful first experiences imprint deeply within us and it’s what we continually try to recreate. Filled with body chemicals of dopamine and oxytocin, ‘firsts’ lay the groundwork for happiness overflowing with visuals, scents, and sounds. It affects us like an addiction.

What if we tried a new First every day? New takes us out of the everyday and into the passion for life. Trusting our instincts takes us to an unknown place, out of our comfort zone. Let’s test our perceptions and pay attention to the feelings, scents, and knowing inside. Aiming for a full body sensory experience moves energy. I’m creating new classes, the Sensual Artist, specifically for new approaches, awareness, and curiosity in a full body experience. The psychic body thirsts for the clean, fresh, vibrant, intimate, and music of the new. Don’t let it down.

New painting for the Sensual Artist upcoming classes

More about ‘The Next Human’ in National Geographic Magazine, April 2017. Templates of the brain and more about Artificial Intelligence can be found in Discover Magazine, April 2017.


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