Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts

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Developing a Healing Mindset

Too often we go through life in the same patterns, same habits, even if they no longer serve us. I know that the body is the last place where our beliefs and negative thoughts end up. It all starts in consciousness, and flows continuously back and forth across barriers from the invisible world of energy and thoughts to the visible place of things.

The pain/ache/stiffness in my lower back has a lot of deeper sticky emotions and attitudes connected to it that need to be resolved before real healing can occur. This is my foundation, my core, my source that is holding back, resistant to the relaxed flow of energy of a healthy body. It’s much improved over the past weeks, but it still isn’t back to normal. I have to be careful not to make the wrong move and to get up and down in a cautious mindful way without any twists or turns.

So I tried a meditation. Sitting quietly, concentrating on my breathing, I took one big cleansing breath, and focused on my lower back. I saw light flowing in from the top of my head down to my sacrum. Then suddenly, the Golden Alchemy Heart that I had created a year ago, appeared in my mind’s eye. I just focused on its shimmering color, and breathed into it, flushing out any blockages that are there. The Golden Light seems to hold the answers to right choices, flexibility, and flow. I felt a fluttering there, as though barriers were melting away. The body was responding.

I decided to move up to my heart area. A different heart appeared, another that I had forgotten I’d made a year ago. So I breathed into the Heart Full Heart, feeling my actual heart and arteries open, strong, and healthy. The lifeblood flowing with every breath, I opened my heart to giving and receiving more kindness, more love, and more compassion. I surrendered to the moment, opening all doors to love and light, releasing past pain, grudges, and anger. I felt lighter.

Then I moved up to my head area and the third heart, the Mindful Heart engulfed my head, neck, and shoulders. Purple seemed to flow into my mind, eyes, throat, and shoulders, releasing all tightness, judgement, blame, and doubts. A portal opened and I could see the world and people in a new way. Somehow I could accept them as they all face their own inner fears, doubts, and challenges.

I could feel old patterns breaking. Surrendering became a great strength that burst through the illusions that held me back. Experiencing this, writing about it, and sharing it with you has created a shift in my body. It feels great in this moment. I will go back to this every day until I know I’m healed.

“Awareness has Magic….As your awareness changes, your energy changes, and then your body changes.” Deepak Chopra.

Some interesting resources: awareness brings healing in The Daily Om, and the symptom as a Portal to Healing in The LifeLIne Technique.

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  1. Wow, what power in your words today as I read this. I need healing and change and this nailed it. I am going to keep this close and follow what you said. I will report my own changes later.

    • This meditation is changing everything for me. Thank you for feeling its power! Plus, my back is better than ever.

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