Invoking the Goddess

Invoking the Goddess

Goddess, Influenced by one of Botticelli’s Virgins

Keeping Balance in my Personal Patriarchal Overload

The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm! Surrounded by workers installing new cathedral windows before winter ‘really’ hits, and nursing a husband who has returned from a trip with bronchitis that hopefully is not pneumonia, I had to take stock of my situation and find ways to express my creativity. Armed with Lysol, Germ-Bloc (which I highly recommend for anyone with men or children in their lives,, and scented bathroom candles, I sought mindfulness whenever possible.

I have an amulet, a power object, that I made for myself awhile back, and now I added an antique wooden needle, and a beautiful key. Worn on a long chain that easily slips over my head, whenever they click together, whenever they move with me, I take some truly deep breaths and invoke the balance, inner peace, and perfect health that I envision in my body. With Native American flute music playing in my studio space, I burn pinon incense from Santa Fe to bring calm into my day. I know that my body always seeks healing, so that belief goes a long way to help me keep to the path. Even though focus, inspiration, and actual painting may not be the easiest place to be during these house shattering construction noises and deep chest wrenching coughs, I’m still brought back to my favorite Botticelli women, especially his many Virgins, and my surprising art apps. They are fun, produce interesting results, and certainly create one of a kind images.

So as I drink 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in water with sweetener twice a day, sip lemon water regularly, and stick to organic whole food whenever possible, I ply my way like Joan of Arc through all the chaos. I take ‘Happy Breaks’ regularly to download new ‘Jamie from Outlander’ images to my Pinterest board (always brings a smile and light heart to my day!), and read excerpts from ‘Written in my Own Heart’s Blood’, from the Outlander Book series. I move & dance when the music calls for it. My own peaceful path is always available, waiting for me to remember, follow the signs, and get myself there.

My Goddess Amulet

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  1. Balance for me is so important as well………as I tread along my path, following my guidance to be here for 2 more years………allowing peace and balance to enter from 1st thing in the morning daily Dharma to the setting sun and taking some deep breaths when chores are done!!

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