Making Connections, Growing our Community

Making Connections, Growing our Community

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Making Connections. If we Ganged Together like the Raven Tribes, We’d be Healthier, Happier, and Wise…so ‘They’ Say

Being in one group or many, part of a community/family, gives life more meaning, helps us find acceptance, and often adds years for a happier life. We can sense this is true! The ravens have a coach/lookout when the rest are grazing in the grass. There’s the champion who calls the gang over when the bones, bread, & leftovers are put out. They collaborate and pick pieces from each other. A young one will learn from the elder how it’s done. They are there to share, eat, strengthen, and empower the other. It’s an extended family who lives together daily, strives as a group to eat, stay warm, and be happy. Each is important to the other.

But our society isolates us, often leaving us questioning where we belong. We text instead of connect face to face, hire a service instead of finding a buddy, ‘Like’ and ‘Heart’ far more than we actually converse. People move, people die. More spiritual than religious, maybe we need more drumming circles, incense burning, and dancing together. ‘They’ say worship together, exercise with a group, meditate with others at a center regularly, join a weekly hiking club, book club or art class, or gather with extended family often. It’s a good goal to have.

In the meantime, as I make more of an effort to connect, I’m choosing to live my beautiful life with all that I have right now. My friends and family are more Quality, not Quantity. No matter what the outside circumstances are in the world, I make a point to feel my value and self-worth daily. I strive to be creative every day, taking the baby steps to get the art out into the world, attempting to do some writing every day, and seeking to touch upon inspiration in my treehouse studio, even without the 8 friends the Gallup polls say are necessary for a happy life. I take with gratitude what I have around me. I cherish the friends and family I have, while missing the ones who are gone. Happiness is only found within yourself.

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.” Deepak Chopra

Here’s to finding our place and fitting in. But be Gentle with yourself while Knowing that we are all good and complete, right now, just as we are. And some more good ‘7 Steps That Will Make You Happy All Day‘.

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