New Is So Exciting

New Is So Exciting

Seeing with New Eyes

New Life, New Creations, New Adventures

Flashes of running fawns, leaping, chasing, and playing back and forth all around the forest entertain us over our morning coffee. The excitement of being able to run free as the wind fills them with power. New life is amazing in it’s firsts…first steps, first flight, first leap through the air. As the baby deer take over the woods, the hatchling dove twins are about to take wing. One is out with Mom, jumping from limb to limb, while the other waits patiently on top of the wreath-nest outside our front door. Mom returns in the afternoon and leads her two babes walking into the azalea bushes for their low flying lessons. A big spring day of firsts happening everywhere. It goes on with us or without us….so I say with us! What new thing can you add to this day to make it exciting, exhilarating, and more alive?

At the Smithsonian Craft Show this last week-end, we were lucky to meet a wonderful artist exhibiting there for the first time. She took the risk of coming across the country from Washington State, and investing in a high quality show, to sell her Guardian figures to a new audience. A challenging adventure in every way.

I love a long week-end road trip. Each experience is new, different, and filled with synchronicity. Trips pull me out of the routine, and make me aware of all happening in the present moment. Driving home, a huge red tail hawk caught a mouse in the grassy median, turned and rose into the air, skimming our windshield and grazing the roof of the car. A moment of unbelievable Wow! Made my husband duck! Experiences like that wake me up to life, to the interaction of all things, and to the power of nature. The trick is to keep the excitement and mindfulness flowing every day at home. Fill your life with Firsts!

Everything is what you make it to be. What will you do to move forward in style, grace, and pleasure? Make a commitment to yourself Right Now to bring in more happiness, excitement, and adventure each day. You deserve it! Here’s a great site to bring happiness in every day.

Spring and fawns and ravens, oh my
Guardian of Tolerance and Diversity, by Mary Ennes Davis,

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