New Moon: 3 Steps to a Memorable Life

New Moon: 3 Steps to a Memorable Life

                                              New Moon of Ravens & Stars

Taking Care of What’s Mine Changes Everything

What Really Is Mine? What do I truly have the power to improve, change, and energize? If everyone of the sea of souls flowing in the Universe distilled their compassion, caring, and love to their immediate surroundings, the world would be a better place. Everything else is just a distraction.

Distractions grab us in, keep us from growing and evolving, and trigger us emotionally. Whole days can be consumed in the black hole of nothing special, when suddenly you find yourself surrounded by Christmas ornaments and the end of another year.

Taking care of ‘what’s mine’ shines a spotlight on awesome moments, connects me with others and truly defines me. This is where the ‘magic’ of life thrives and serendipity lives. This day, and every day, we need to create more never-to-be-forgotten experiences.

1. Pulling out my camera is a sure sign of a defining moment. It’s a pause from what I’m doing, to really ‘seeing’ life in all its beauty. ‘Seeing’ kicks in many senses from the smells, sounds, and colors, to the sights around me. The more sensory the experience, the more it will stay in the nostalgia memory bank. Concerts, family gatherings, foreign cities all hold this magic. But little things matter, too. Walking in Fall crunchy leaves with the strong scent of the woods fills me with the freedom of a 10 yr old. Pausing to appreciate all we have accomplished, and celebrating others achievements, makes for photo album moments.

2. Another way to pay attention is to have a vested interest in what you’re doing. If I can use the photo to create a work of art, it has my full attention. I’m looking for the best image, strongest composition, and ‘catch your eye’ colors. My brothers loved watching sports if they joined in the betting pools. They usually started the betting pool. Then the outcome really mattered.

3. Memories are always away from the routine. You have to do something different to make it special, exciting, and defining. As time goes by we really have to hunt for new ‘firsts’ in our lives. That’s why entire years can pass without any shining moments. The mind skips over the same things, but give it something unique, surprising, or unusual, then it perks up. Synapses start working to record the new.

What/Who is ‘Yours’ to appreciate today? What can you celebrate? What fills you with happiness? Who can you connect with to bond, struggle, and rejoice in the moment? How can we make memories fuller, richer, and deeper this day? This is why marches in Washington are so powerful. It took an effort to be there, you all struggled together, and returned home richer with the memory of it all. Connections bond people together. The parties we create, the craziness we experience, the surprise gifting of a friend in need, changes everything. More ways to create your own extraordinary memories can be found in The Power of Moments .

New Moon of New Beginnings
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