Our Time to Bloom

Our Time to Bloom

                                                Rabbit of the Full Moon Bloom

          Super Bloom is Happening Now, when stark deserts turn into Seas of Luscious Rich Colored Flowers

Seeds, buried deep for decades, are waking up due to the perfect combination of long steady rains and milder temperatures. These are tough survivors returning to life, looking delicate but prolific, blooming where flowers were never seen before. They are just like us, waking up from a long dark sleep, realizing now is our time to burst forth in all our glory. As each of us takes responsibility, follows our wildest dreams, and releases all the old ways that no longer serve us, we transform our personal lives to create world change. It’s such an exciting time to allow a new way of life for ourselves, personally, in truth and love.

With this Full Moon, I can feel the energy welling up around me. I can only think and plan for so long and then I have to create something new. My ‘Spirit in the Stone’ painting manifested itself in the doing, with stampings, overlayed by collage, covered with color, symbols, and textures, it became more than I could have ever imagined. This is how life can be when we follow our heart, take a leap of faith, and just create the new in deep trust. It all begins with some change within us.

What is your Big Dream? Is it physical by making the body stronger, creative in becoming an artist in visual or written works, or emotional in becoming more confidant and connected? We can’t keep doing the same old things by ourselves and expect life or the world to fix itself. It starts with a goal. And there are plenty of support systems out there in cyberspace ready to help us find our dream, pursue life changes, and encourage each other along the way.

One is My Peak Challenge which begins with a personal challenge you create for yourself. It’s coming out of your comfort zone and going for something you’ve always wanted to do. Then commit to doing it. Another resource is Tut.com, where you have your choice of articles to read about life, spirit, and the journey. And then there’s meetup.com, where you pursue what you love with like minded individuals, locally and globally.

So make a change! Make 2017 the biggest, most memorable year of your life. Let this be the time to step away from the ‘Big Picture out there’ and focus on your Self. Dream Big, Bloom, and go for a healthier, happier life as you achieve your personal goals. It all starts with the first step out of the dark.

The Adventure Begins
Spirit In The Stone: New Mixed Media Painting

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