Song of the Mother

Song of the Mother

Song of the Mother, the ancient land with ancient text embedded

Earth Mother is the Goddess Herself, and She Has Knowledge to Share

Ancients have known Her as Gaia, Danu, Tara, Mut, Shikena, Ninsun, Asherah, Pachamama, Hathor, Durga, Shakti, and Rhea. Thousands of Earth Mother fertility figures have been found worldwide, dating back 35,000 years. Her songs are of love, abundance, and beauty, as well as wildness, destruction and rebirth. The hills are Her body, the caves Her breath, the stones Her skeleton, and the sacred water Her lifeblood. She is Land and Life.

We all come from these same ancients who honored her wisdom. A Universal Consciousness connects us deeply in our roots with the inner creation, the deep imagination, and the dark fertile  waters that create life. Living in mindfulness, minds the Earth. Walking Her land opens doorways of perception to new insights. Being in Nature nourishes us, rejuvenates our bodies, and inspires our souls.

My brother Jim connected deeply with the energy of place. He could walk along a river, pause at the edge, and find arrowheads hidden in the mud. He would be drawn to an area, kick a light piece of stone, and uncover pieces of an ancient pipe. He just listened, and possessed a deep inner knowing of the land, the sacred waters, and ancient memories.

Spirit seeks to be personally known to each of us. We are in a pattern of awakening where polarities illuminate our priorities. It’s time to trust inner guidance, judge nothing, feel more than think, and not be distracted. Let Earth guide you to Self knowledge, to your purpose in life, to create a world you choose to live in. Step away from Unsocial Media, and allow Spirit to emanate through you. It’s your personal evolution happening in this timeless moment of Now. Continue to love, create, imagine, and manifest your inner visions to the Earth. She needs us all.

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Golden Valley, new ink painting

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