Stay Calm Through the Storm

Stay Calm Through the Storm

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Switch Out Old Routines for New Rituals

I always say get out of routines that don’t work, but I’m finally getting that what we as repetitive humans need, are Rituals that Do Work! When we are healthy and happy, allowing the stream of life to come and go as we stay in our inner peace and calm, we’re doing something right. I really believe for me, Doing the meditation I wrote about last week is the key. We can read about these things but getting ourselves to actually Do them is the trick.

It’s Human Nature to do all we can to take care of the body. But keeping it in balance is everything. It’s not in our nature to constantly worry, be argumentative, or right all the time. Making changes isn’t easy either. But the body is always telling us what doesn’t ‘feel’ good inside. Any upset is a sign that it’s really hurting us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Moderation over ‘indulging’ works every time.

An opinion is just a thought, and the more we hold ours, the more we’ll have inner peace and calm. We can’t save the world, we can only save ourselves. All we have power over is right around us, in our thoughts, acts, kindness, and love. “Say Less”,  Amanda Palmer tells herself during discussions with her parents or husband (the famous writer Neil Gaiman, no less!). How about, ‘Say Less, Love More’.

It comes down to what I can do for my own well being today. I always need good music, aim for common sense, seek out natures beauty, go for healthy food, and strive for real accomplishments in my life…every day. I take care of myself so when my husband shows me the latest Ralph Nader chaos report, I get out the catalogue of Emergency Essentials. Can never have enough. I protect my computer with 1 password. I try to keep my body healthy with good food and regular exercise, and fill my mind with peaceful thoughts. For me, Improving my body created a deep confidence in every aspect of my life. I seek healthy answers instead of stimulants or downers. I want to follow through with personal solutions, so any disruption ‘out there’ is just a stepping stone in an ever changing life for me ‘in here’.

Morning Rituals can be deep breaths, thinking grateful thoughts, sending happiness to others, then some walking/upper body exercise, and finally doing art or journaling. What works for you to calm the mind, fill it with positive thoughts, and begin the day refreshed? Doing it makes all the difference.

“We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” Carlos Castaneda.

Morning rituals start the day. Here’s what Tim Ferriss does. And start the day with some great Marcus Aurelius Quotes.

Rabbit. ‘Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower’, Hans Christian Anderson


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