The Land of Poets, Dreamers, and Explorers

The Land of Poets, Dreamers, and Explorers

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Vernal Equinox: Balance Reality with Imagination

At this magical time of the year, when the daylight is about as long as the night, let’s shift our focus from the reality out there, to the personal within. Remember a time when you use to immerse yourself in everything you did? When the only thing that mattered was to get out of the house, breathe in the warm spring air, and move your body in every running, bike-riding, dancing way possible? Let’s return to the Imagination we all knew so well, immerse our bodies in all the senses, and bring new life to our Spirits.

The most potent and memorable times in our lives happened as the result of a strong powerful feeling.  Take the sensual Journey, and begin to pause more throughout the day to see, taste, feel, smell, and listen to what you’re doing. Savor each mouthful of food, allowing the taste buds to know the flavors, and feel the textures in your mouth. Stop to experience the scent of the air, of any plants around, of the woods, smoke, and city. Feel the warmth of a loved one as your body hugs and snuggles on a cold night. Play Music that ignites your soul, moves your body, and lifts your spirits. Find the Beauty in everything from the humblest bud to the majestic skyscraper. Capture every human experience while you can. It’s why we’re here. Our Senses protect us, inform us, and connect us to each other.

Living a Sensual Life is the antidote to letting life just roll over you. It’s the way to live in the moment of this present time in awareness. It expands your life into the 3-D experience, with surround sound, and IMAX quality. So jump into those clean bed sheets and savor the crisp feel, the fresh scent, and the enveloping whole body experience. Give yourself a foot massage with scented lotion. Get yourself to the spa for a luxury treatment. Gaze at the stars, be mesmerized by the Moon, and fall into the sunsets of your life. You deserve it! Want more of a Sensual Life…try this.

‘Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.’ Ludwig van Beethoven

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