Time for Reflections

Time for Reflections

Reflections, new painting

Reflecting on Tribes I have Known

Finding your Tribe has been the thing to do for decades. Something brings you together and you interact, learn, and hopefully, grow in knowledge about yourself and them. Tribes come in many forms, artist groups, gallery groups, family you’re born or marry into, job colleagues, women’s groups- the list goes on. Each had its time, place, and focus. I realize now that I’ve stepped away from each of these. Some inner clock said it was time to move on. Tribes served their purpose, but we were ultimately, very different people. I’m working on accepting the fact that I march to a different drummer. I release them all to go their own way, wishing them well.

It’s interesting, because none of us can ever really go back to the way things were. Maybe that’s why families have such growing pains. We each are constantly changing, expanding, moving on, yet when families get together, we seem to be thrown right back into the same dynamic we had when we were kids! It takes a leap of faith to accept everyone on their ever shifting path, as we seek a bit of respect ourselves.

The biggest trick is accepting yourself, loving who you are NOW, and not chasing after the past. I’m always so excited when I find someone from the past. I think I want to reconnect just the way we used to years ago. But that isn’t living in the now. They are different and may not share this enthusiasm. Each life is so layered in the physical and emotional body, we are like two strangers coming together, not really knowing where the other has been. I need to respect and accept that. I’ve always believed that when someone walks away, don’t chase after them. I need to embody and live that truth. I can remember the good times, but not relive them.

‘Clear + Let Go. Today is about letting go of material items to make room for the beauty that tomorrow has to offer; to ask yourself ‘does this bring me happiness?’ And if the answer is ‘no’ then to let it go.’ Danyelle Andrews #captureyourgrief

In Reflection, join me in letting go of emotional baggage that returns to tug at your heartstrings. Let’s live in simplicity and peace. I invite you to acknowledge your now, let go of anything that is not serving and surrender to allowing things to be as they are, instead of how you think they should be. Letting go always opens new doors, new opportunities, and new possibilities. And be gentle with yourself. Repeat after me, ‘I’m doing the best that I can, and that is always enough.’

October Dawn
Clouds at Dawn this morning over our house

Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone. Mitch Albon

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