Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself

Owl Map: mapping the path to your Heart Wisdom

Start to Cultivate Trust in Your Personal Heart Wisdom Today

Why do we look outside ourselves for authority, for answers? Do we think someone else is smarter, louder, more experienced than we are so they must know the way? From classrooms, to clothes, to playground or water-cooler, we’ve been taught to conform, to fit in, to join the tribe…to follow the leader. This doesn’t do much for free-thinking, risk taking, or finding our personal story to give to the world. More than ever before, we need our inner guidance for the outer journey.

Practice trusting yourself. I try to be aware of my feelings as I go through the ‘doing’ of life. Body is always sending signals of sensations whether something feels good or not. A pain in the shoulder, or tired eyes are telling me that I’ve got to get out of here, take a walk, make a cup of tea, and feel better now. I often take ‘out on the porch’ breaks just to breathe, move, & clear my thoughts. That pause in ‘doing’ creates a shift in energy.

When in doubt over anything, I ask myself what advice I’d give my friend if they came to me with this problem. My opinion is as good as anyone’s, and better since it comes from my personal experiences. I believe I’m not the person I used to be, that past experiences have shown me what Not to do. That’s big. When I’m stuck, I do what I know to do for sure, and let the rest go until an answer flows into my consciousness. It may take a day or two, but then it’s always the right direction.

Just look around yourself with gratitude for all the great stuff you have created. Surround yourself with positive, resilient people who encourage you on your path, and believe in you. It all comes down to loving yourself deeply and first over any other things. Be gentle with yourself and know that you have always chosen the best path for yourself. Trust takes practice!

Daily, honor your choices, reminding yourself how good you are at making life richer, and making right decisions just for you. Know that many possibilities & choices are always available at any given moment. Making a choice, and never looking back, creates a life. Cultivate a deep inner Trust that the right answers always come your way. Trust Yourself and create a magical Life.

Gregg Braden says “the wisdom of your heart—the answers to the deepest and most mysterious questions of life that no one else can answer—already exists within you.”

Map of the Heart…bridging logic with Heart Intelligence
Deer finally Trusting auto Feeder, Feb 2017

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