Use Your Angel Power Today

Use Your Angel Power Today

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We Are The Angels, the Messengers, the Source for Happiness in the World. How will you Use Your Power Today?

We are all more connected than we could ever Imagine! Every blog, tweet, photo, idea, action, or judgement, spreads out in a ripple effect over vast connections of friends of friends, of shares, followers, groups, retweets, and hashtags, to either uplift, crush, or inspire. We have more power than we think. The really interesting part of this is that every positive behavior we do to make ourselves happy, spreads like wildfire through all our connections and far beyond.

Just this week on a beach in Florida, as a family plus rescuers were being dragged out to sea by a powerful rip tide, one woman, Jessica Simmons, decided not to wait for the safety boat. No one would die this day if she could help it! A strong swimmer, she and her husband took boogie boards and swam out to the drowning group of nine, as other beach bathers started forming a human chain from shore. Seventy strangers followed the call, with surfboards and floaters, holding hands to reach out to the family drowning in 15′ of deep killing currents. Over a distance of 100 yards, people trusted & empowered each other to save the struggling ones. Every person made it back to land. A miracle for Humanity!

On this same day, in one of my 3 ‘Obsessed with Outlander’ groups, I then read a woman’s beautiful love story. In 2015, through a mutual scientist friend online, she met a man with similar interests. Kelly & Doug, he a scientist in Glasgow, she in DC, both divorced with children, cautiously started chatting. After a year of sharing their lives, thoughts, and photos, they finally did a 2hr FaceTime meeting. It was good! Then while waiting for a plane in LA, she met a UK woman and casually mentioned Doug. The woman pointed her finger and said ‘Life has no dress rehearsal, and you don’t get second chances. Glasgow is just next door. ….you’d be a fool not to see what could happen.’

Doug simultaneously met a lady on a plane from Minn., who had recently lost her husband. When she heard of his online friendship, she said that she had met her late husband online, but had kept it long distance due to time, distance, and raising kids. But when they did get together, it began the happiest 18 yrs of her life. ‘You have to meet your friend’, she added.

Shortly after, our distance crossed lovers met, loved, and married each other in a fairy tale Scottish wedding! Angels come in many forms to lead us down the right paths at the right time.

Think of All the synchronicities and magnetics that came together in order for these experiences to occur! The second story actually can be traced back to two years ago when my Chicago friend visited & casually said she thought that I’d like the book ‘Outlander’!

Then there’s Dr. Nicholas Christakis, a Yale Professor in charge of the Human Nature Lab, who tells us how connected we really are in his bestselling book Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives.   He’s done the research!

We are the Angels opening doors, saving lives, encouraging love, and spreading happiness at an exponential rate. Behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and happiness, spread like a virus. How will you use your Angel Power today? What Conscious Positive Energies can you send out to friends, to the lonely, to the ones drowning? We’re all in this Together…always have been, always will.


Human Chain on the Florida Beach, Image via Facebook/Jessica Mae Simmons

‘New kinds of heroics need to be celebrated, like love, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, diplomacy, or we’re not going to get there. No one is coming to save us.’ Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman.

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