Winter Solstice Finding the Light

Winter Solstice Finding the Light

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Winter Solstice: New Life is born out of the Darkest Time of the Year

As I nurse my flu with antibiotics and gaze at the 1/2 decorated Christmas tree that has just fallen, shattering most of the large glass ornaments that I’ve had forever, I think of all the dark times we’ve all overcome. When the world seems to be way out of line, we loyally move forward to vote out the offenders. When wildlife and Nature herself is on the chopping block, we gather in hope and honor to contribute to the cause. When humanity is de-humanized to ‘them’ and ‘us’ we call upon common decency and love to see every one as uniquely ‘created equal’, a necessary piece of the whole that is US.  We are a resilient bunch!

The Solstice has always been three days of quiet contemplation and introspection at the very darkest time of the year.  We remember the ancestors as we pull away from all the demanding tugs of life. This time of hibernation, going within the deep quiet inner cave of the heart, has been honored in every civilization. The night time of private secrets of the heart is the place to find your path, set your boundaries, and heal all wounds of the heart and body.

Our ancestors would gather at magnificent Neolithic stoneworks like Newgrange in Ireland, estimated to be 5200 yrs old. Set deep within the womb of the Mother, it aligns with the sunrise on Winter Solstice day. As the sun reaches a certain angle, the light shines through a special window known as the ‘roof box’, along a 57 foot long passage and hits the tri-spiral carving on the huge stone at the far end. The Sun and the Earth Mother create new life.

We can decorate with evergreens and mistletoe to symbolize new life and magic, but let’s create some traditions to improve our lives each day. I will begin with gratitude for 3 things each day in that moment. I’ll eliminate and unsubscribe, really cleaning up the emails to greatly free up my time. I’ll remember that a good leader delegates by sharing responsibilities and asking for help more often. I’ll take care of myself first, since if I’m not 100% and living in happiness, I can’t help anyone else. I can only heal myself. I’ll define my Circle of Trust. It’s by invitation only, it sets my boundaries, and gives me time for going within. I’ll create and write every day. Be part of the wonder, the magic, the ceremony of Winter Solstice. Walk away from the past, and create a new life filled with spirit, grace, light, and love.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete” Buddha

Tri Spiral back stone of New Grange. There’s a link to see it streamed live
New Grange Amazing Stone Entrance. More fascinating Newgrange Solstice information.

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  1. Dear Pat,
    I am thinking of you and sending healing thoughts and love.
    May you take time to rest and hydrate and rest more. Merry Christmas to you and Dave.

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