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Sacred Geometry: Flower of Life
Sacred Geometry: Flower of Life

Art reflects life; life reflects our Focus. Create Art with a Life Focus, and you change your Life.

I Share what I have learned along the way. My online classes teach my step by step techniques in my own work. Art and Spirit go hand in hand, that’s why I love the Wabi Sabi approach to art and life. With each video technique demonstrated comes a bit of Inspiration, some food for the Soul. New classes are always being created. See the latest here:

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An Art Practice is like a Flowing River

Out of the Chaos and Into the Womb

When the Shame, Sadness, Fear, and Pain Reach the Edge of Overwhelm: Deload Today was a retreat to the womb day. I came across the term ‘deload’ connected to athletic training. It signals a time to step away from the weights, machines, & exercise regime, to regroup before falling into the flames of overwhelm. As…

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