The Art of Love

The Art of Love

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Love needs Nurturing Every Day

Valentine’s Day, grammar school, the only ‘rule’ was to give one to everybody. If we gave cards, put each kid’s name on one. Cookies, and even the mothers of the boys often made them bring a box to school, had to be carried by the bringer as he walked around the room making sure every student took one. Same thing with the really ambitious mothers who baked cupcakes for everyone, as the student of the baker stood in the front with napkins, each row of kids marched up to claim their cake. Everyone was equal on this day. No matter our background, talent, or I.Q., we each counted as deserving of a gift. Old school: good rule.

If I was nice, it made others nicer…sometimes. Giving something good with no strings attached, often brings a smile, a nod, or a thanks, but it’s what it does for you that matters. It lightens up the room, the atmosphere, the heart. We don’t always get this opportunity to gift our tribe, the co-workers, the relations, but just the thought of doing it, the idea of how to make it happen, is a good energy directed out to ripple through the masses. It’s easy to give a few dollars for the next person in line at Starbucks. Or send out a note of thanks online.

Sometimes I just have to get creative with my giving, but it’s always worth it…especially to me as the giver. A certain good effort for a certain someone, can make the day better for both of you. A smile, praise, and a little gratitude are far better than an opinion. Opinions are like noses, everyone has one, and it’s best kept to themselves.

So if the only thing we really have control over is ourselves, let’s go for the experience that lightens our being, makes the sun shine on our faces, and brings smiles to those we see. By Nurturing Love in your own little corner of the world, you create a vibration that brings more of the same right back at you. Like Magic!

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