Super Moon of Change

Super Moon of Change

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Super Moon Time of Altering Paths, Letting Go, Moving On.

New Super Moon signals a two part plan of action. The first, allow really new directions to carry you away to a new place, and secondly, share your gift with the world. Seek the alternative way. Making conscious changes in all you do, from your creativity to your approach to living a healthy life, triggers inspiration, excitement, and a fresh approach to life. New Choices jump start the passion. Spirit seeks new experiences to learn and grow. When you commit to something new, different, and maybe scary, magic happens. Doors open, opportunities knock, and a new journey begins.

In my own creative life, I’ve been shifting between making new storyteller collage paintings, while also altering older paintings with art apps to bring new life to them, and then making video art demos for YouTube and for new possible online classes. I’m also typing and organizing my stories into book form, and writing this blog. I go from one to another as the inspiration hits, and it keeps new ideas flowing.

The second part of Super New Moon is to share your gifts with the world. Dame Helen Mirren has a tattoo on her left wrist, a Mayan quote: “In La’Kesh”, which means: ‘I Am You & You are Me’. We’re all in this together. In our constant search for knowledge, we learn from each other. The world needs your special gift. What can each of us offer in our thoughts, our art, our giving to make life better, healthier, and more enriched for all?

The stars are aligned for us all to drop away from the stagnant old ways, and seek the new jewels. Let’s look with eyes free from the past, and venture far beyond. I’d Love to hear what new things you are pursuing, dreaming, and achieving. Let’s encourage each other as we seek New Ground! What’s your Big Dream?

And just as I’m writing this, synchronicity arrives with a link to a free international online summit for changing your life, ending struggles, and living your dream: Perfect!

My Painting, ‘The Glance’, from a project in 2015, now updated with my garden flowers and art apps. Learn how to do this here:


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