Stability in a Shifting World

Stability in a Shifting World

Spirit Fox, the painting. Prints available at:

Do You ever Wonder how to be Grounded in the Whirlwind of Life? The Whisperings & Lessons of Fox Medicine still come to me.

Thick and Lush, the Forest holds many secret places, and hidden dangers. The 1700’s stone wall is the  highway for small creatures, as the stream flows deeply beyond, cutting through it all. A sudden sound, a flourish in the ferns, and a red full tail swishes high as she turns and leaps away to her den. She is the invisible one, master camouflage artist of woods, flowers, and thickets. Quiet, patient, stealth embodied in the strong, lean body of this resilient twilight hunter, she offers strong healing if she chooses you to receive her Fox Medicine. Many lessons to be learned during these shifting times.

Life continues to move, change, and flood us with distractions. We’ve always heard that all must crumble to the ground to be built up properly again, but how do we find our stable ground amid the shifts? I have to get my footing first in my heart, and then in my head.

Fox returned to me, and I found myself going deep into her hidden places. I pulled in to focus on being more invisible with all her flowers and ferns, all the while the act of Doing art kept me moving forward, creating something risky and new. It’s always about what we DO, to not get stuck, to secure personal boundaries, and to keep our hearts happy while living life to the fullest. Like fox, I hold my loved ones close, and am loyal to my home ground first above all else. I hold so much gratitude for my wonderful life, good food, lots of smiles, and dear friends.

A shift of consciousness happens when you go in and know, feeling deeply, that all is well with you and your world. Be like Fox.

Intentionally cultivate a quiet Inner Space, sit in peace within yourself and consider what actions you can, and must, take. Then find clues and ways to your true deepest expression, and trust your instincts. They never lie. Inner Knowing brings decisiveness, unshakable courage, a faster path to action, and a unique creative expression.

‘Fox Moon’ transformed into ‘Spirit Fox’, the painting.  AND Even though Wayne Dyer is gone, he’s not forgotten…some wisdom about ‘strength & flexibility’

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