4 Ways to Re-energize Yourself

4 Ways to Re-energize Yourself

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Fall Re-Energizing – What Fills You?

Time to pause, readjust those Big Dreams, and really Feel into what I need to jump start excitement, energy, and fun. Simplify. Those plans to cook an Indian meal became comparing recipes, realizing how many steps were involved, shifting to possibly take-out would be nice, and ending up with ”we haven’t had a roasted superbird in a long time’! Now that sounded like Fun!

I know of Four Ways that help me to re-energize as the weather plummets away from warm breezes and into the cold blasts of sleet and snow.

1. Simplify the big dreams. It’s not a time to push myself, unless it’s to dig deeper under the covers like a bear in her den. Power Naps are proven winners at just 10-20 min a day. Always go with what would Feel Great right now. Energy grows if I don’t fight the feelings. I drink more water, eat nuts, spinach, black beans, get plenty of sleep, and exercise daily. I sip lemon water throughout the day for vitamin C.

2. Escape a bit every day. I can’t go to the Ocean daily, but I’ll never forget wading into the Cayman Island surf after a rough travel day. The ocean was the real savior. The painting above reminds me of the bath-like warmth ‘caressing whole body’ experience. I can just about feel it again. My other escape is Outlander… the show, the books, rereading every marked page of love and adventure. I can’t get enough of it all.

3. Create Something!! The easy way is to take a photo of anything beautiful around me. I usually go for the sky/clouds, the light on the trees, any bits of nature I can find. I love to also use art apps on some photos. Surprising art happens when images layer over each other, or filters of color shift the everyday into the sublime. It’s easy and fun. One of my Favorite Iphone/ipad Apps is Diana Photo.

Or Paint, Draw, Collage, Write something every day. I know a woman who creates the most exquisite one-of-a-kind Holiday cards that become heirloom treasures. No one else can do exactly what you can, in the special way you would do it. Give your gift to the world.

4. Get to Nature, out of the house, any way possible. Move the body, even if it’s just stepping out the front door to breathe it in. The country, a park, the woods, a beach, all bring us back to our Selves. Nature helps each of us to breathe deeper, get grounded, and re-new away from the chaos of the mental world, and other people’s energy. Nature is like a deep waking meditation that is always available in some way, shape, or form. Even arranging fresh flowers in a vase will open your heart to the beauty around you.

So what it comes down to is whatever Feels like fun for you, will also be the best energy booster. Take time to evaluate your feelings every day. Be flexible, simplify, and shift your focus regularly to stir up new ideas, opportunities, and adventures. Escape the mundane, make it all fun, and soon your heart, mind, and body will be filled to overflowing with glowing energy. Here are 28 Science-Backed ways to get energized.

Layers of color, images, texts….just what I love!
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