Be The Artists, Writers, Creators of Life

Be The Artists, Writers, Creators of Life

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We are all the Storytellers of our Lives

Are you a notetaker of inspired thoughts, do you keep a dream book, or journal your vacation pictures with details? Telling stories is the Human thing to do. I have journals filled with so many adventures, visions, and experiences, that My Peak Challenge is to get something pulled together and completed. I’ve heard 99% of hopeful writers never complete a project. It’s never done, or good enough, or makes any sense. I say stop the doubt and comparisons to others! It’s time for each of us to share our gift with the world.

I feel like the little buds covering the forest trees, full of potential but not seeing the end game in sight. But that’s all right. I think it’s even part of the process. The seed does most of the work in the dark, shifting, doubling in size, until one day it blooms when it’s time to shine. Like the baby Ravens in our yard, crashing into trees as they learn to fly, and squawking or softly calling ‘Maa” before becoming the loud cawing guardians of the hood, we all begin somewhere.

I start by transcribing my notes onto Pages, typing, organizing, even just printing it out makes it look more professional! The First Step opens the door to the next. Like the fledgling learning to fly, nothing happens until you start.

Then I look to good writers that I love. I reread their books in a new way, looking at how they move the story along, how they introduce dialogue to create interest and details, and how to create scenes that trigger all the senses. This is learning to write a page-turner, not just a story- and it’s beautiful!

Most importantly: doing the new makes you deeply aware of this moment in your life. Mindfulness takes you on new journeys to explore your Self. It takes the rigidity of sameness out of life. Time slows down the more aware you are.

So Savor this day. Challenge yourself and create something unbelievable as only you can. Pursue your art with diligence and passion. Read some great thoughts about stories as blogs, Or another idea is writing an ebook, and my favorite of all is Diana Gabaldon, who never writes in a linear fashion, talk about her writing process on her blog and again here or in her very wonderful Outlandish Companions.

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