Going Deeper

Going Deeper

                                                                      Going Deeper

Everything We Say to Another, Is Always About Us

It’s our ‘stuff’. It’s coming from our personal ‘wound’. As I found myself telling a loved one, “You don’t know how to take care of your body. You push it until it breaks down and falls apart.” I was angry. Big sign here that I needed to go off and think this one through.

Then I read the latest Time magazine article about the Goddess Myth. It pertains specifically to ‘new mothers to be’ who set themselves up as the perfect baby making creator, bombarded by powerful messages from peers, doctors, and media. But I can relate those same blanket expectations of society to all women, at every phase of our lives.

There’s a judgement call built deep within us that we ruthlessly whip on ourselves when we don’t ‘measure up’, when our bodies don’t meet the ‘ideals’, when we find ourselves ‘unworthy’, ‘failing’, or ‘unsuccessful’ in meeting some superwoman status. It’s too easy for guilt, shame, regret, and anger to cloud our Being. These lead to an overall depression and sadness that will become some physical body issue if we let it fester. Then we sometimes project our ‘wound’ onto our loved ones, as I did.

In my mini meditation, I confronted my inner demons. My emotional reaction told me this was important. As I work through the many levels of it, going deeper each time, I know it’s about a secret wound, the all capable motherhood goddess, and self judgement calls. The physical aspect it manifests can be cut out, but the inner reasons need to be healed. Louise Hay in her “You Can Heal Your Life” says ‘cysts are running the old painful movie, nursing hurts. A false growth’. I think writing my book will work through many of these ‘hurts’, but just realizing this connection to the female ideal is a big start to letting go.

So as I Think Bigger, I will include nurturing self love, care and compassion within myself, as well as empathy in forgiving myself for not ‘measuring up’. So much to let go, to make room for Bigger Thinking. Go Deeper with me to renew, heal old wounds, find and trust yourself again. And let’s all Lighten Up a lot!

Details of ‘Reflections’ painting. The Value is in the details of our art, our writing, and our Lives. Be Aware.

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