The Mystical & Cyberspace

The Mystical & Cyberspace

Raven’s Equinox, new mixed media painting

Days of Demands, Distractions, & Decisions

My first real warning of a problem brewing was when Donald the Russian (I’m not making this up!!) somehow appeared as a member of my online class without paying! Then suddenly, both of my WordPress sites became un-secured. Next came the results from an orthodontist: braces for 2 years for lower teeth perfection, or retainers for status quo. And just when I thought my plate was full, came the info that my Art website was also un-secure, and needed to be switched to a whole new platform (It is not WordPress but something else I’ve had for years).

In between scrambling to fix the internet, I did ‘Raven’s Equinox’, without thinking & just intuiting what comes next. It had to have Raven. I knew raven was a symbol of prophecy, protection, and initiation. Later, some research showed he is a sacred messenger from the Gods, opens the Gates to the Other World, and brings Light, Change of the Old Way, and Magic. A Powerful Ally, indeed! So I took a number of deep breaths to let my body know all was well. I touched my heart and asked where to start. Immediately I received the answer KISS…Keep it Simple (but never, ever call yourself any name unless it’s positive and beautiful!) so take your pick of Sexy, Sassy, Superwoman or -man, Sweetheart, or even just Self.

Synchronicity happened…of course. My super tech savvy son-in-law just happened to be coming over for the week-end. We think The Donald got into the old membership site I had, trying to gain their information, which makes more sense than him stealing my protected ‘how to paint in mixed media’ classes! New membership site now in place. The 2 WordPress sites became secure when I activated the plug-in ‘Really Simple SSL’, which is both ‘of course’ and ‘how funny’! I went on to decide that I can keep my lower teeth healthy even though they are not perfect, but not changing either! So retainers are coming. And lastly, I’ve concluded that my Art site of can be dropped, with all my work for sale on my beautiful Etsy site. I know an easy way to redirect traffic from the website to Etsy. Solves a lot of problems, is secure, and do-able. And I’m still working on the deeper meaning of Raven’s Equinox.

So are you wrestling with crazy stuff happening in life? Let Raven guide your path. Pause to smell the coffee/flowers/spring, take several deep breaths, ask & believe the answer that comes your way. Just remember to Keep it Simple Sexy!

“When your mind is made up, it diminishes fear.” Rosa Parks

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